BrickTribe’s innovative platform is breaking ground in the property development industry. As an investor on BrickTribe you will be able to browse hundreds of high-end development opportunities according to location and deal specifications. You will be able to do all your due diligence with the information provided on our platform and make a fully informed decision for your next property investment.

Step One: Join the Tribe

BrickTribe is free to join and there is no obligation to invest. Sign up takes 30 seconds and you’ll then be free to view all our property investment opportunities.

Step Two: Browse and Evaluate Opportunities

As a BrickTribe member you’ll be given access to all the details on our current investment opportunities. Opportunities are presented through our template which sets out information including: the deal and likely returns, the location, the developer’s track record and experience. You’ll also be able to view and request documents; and discuss with the developer.

Step Three: Invest

If you like a development and have had satisfactory discussions with the developer you can invest according to the terms outlined on their development page. Once you’ve invested, don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends!

Step Four: Build your Portfolio

When you invest in a development, it will be added to your BrickTribe portfolio from where you can manage and track your investments as well as receive progress reports.

Step Five: Expand your Network

BrickTribe wants to help ensure you make as many friends and contacts as possible within the industry. With this in mind, we encourage you to invite your network to browse and invest with you.

BrickTribe’s innovative platform allows developers to list current projects to an extensive network of professional investors. It also allows developers to validate their current projects by referencing previous successes with endorsements from professionals involved on those projects. The aim is to make your development proposition as attractive as possible to prospective investors so that the fundraising process can be completed quickly and seamlessly.

Step One: Join the Tribe

BrickTribe is free to join and sign up takes 30 seconds. You’ll then be free to start building out your develop profile and listing development projects to investors.

Step Two: Add Development

Once you’re signed up, click ‘Add Development’ to get started. Fill in the questions on our easy-to-follow template (this should take about half an hour but you can take as long as you like and may save it as a draft at any time). When you’re happy, click ‘Publish’ to send your application for review by our Team.

Step Three: Sign contract

Once you’re pitch has been reviewed, our Team will be in contact about signing our contract. There is no charge to list on our site as we only work on a success fee basis.

Step Four: Launch

Once you’re fully signed up, we will launch your pitch to our network. It will be listed on the site for investors to view and evaluate before contacting you and (hopefully) investing. It will also be sent in our mailouts to investors’ inboxes.

Step Five: Receive investor contacts

When an investor is interested you will receive an internal message (and an email) notifying you. From there you will have access to that investors contact details so that you can discuss as required and hopefully close some investment.