1. Is my project suitable?

If you're looking for funding for a property development project you're looking to make a return on investment then you’re suitable. Our investors look at all types of developments including: off-plan, sales, commercial & residential.

2. Can anyone promote their development projects on BrickTribe?

Every developer application will be subject to an internal approval and due diligence process before being accepted on to the platform. BrickTribe is proud of its community and takes this process seriously. Developers who can demonstrate a good track record of previous developments will be favoured in the approval process.

3. What is the process for approving development partners?

Before approving any developer profile on the platform, our team will run through thorough internal checks to assess the eligibility of each development company. If an application is denied, the applying party will be notified. The process takes between 1-4 working days.

4. What information should I include in my development?

There are guidelines in the proposal form about what to include in each section and tips to help guide you through the process. After you have completed a draft, a member of our team will be in contact to offer any suggestions for improvement.

5. Is there a limit on the amount of funding for each project I can seek as a developer?

You can look for as much funding as you need for each project and you can submit as many projects as you like. BrickTribe is a tool that allows investors & developers with great projects to connect.

6. What sort of financing can I access through BrickTribe?

Most private investors are looking for equity or loan opportunities. But we also have contacts who can provide mezzanine and senior debt funding.

7. Can I have more than one development project up at any one time?

You can submit as many projects as you like. Each development project will go through an approval process before going live on the platform.

8. How long does it take for my development project to go live?

After you submit your project for approval, it will take 1-4 working days to be processed.

9. Can I update my development after it has gone live?

Yes, you can edit and update all your information on the platform at any time.

10. Can I list my development projects for free?

You can list your projects for free. BrickTribe charges a success fee on funds raised. To find out more please contact one of our team members at info@bricktribe.com.

11. Can I use BrickTribe to display property opportunities outside of the UK?

Yes, you can showcase property opportunities worldwide to BrickTribe’s network of investors.

12. How can I protect the confidentiality of my development?

If you’re worried about confidentiality we'd advise you to write enough to get the investors interested in your project without revealing any sensitive information. Once you start discussions with an investor, you may want to ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you release more information.

13. I have other questions, who do I contact?

Contact us by email: info@bricktribe.com

14. I've forgotten my password?

You can reset your password here.