Verto Homes

Entrepreneurs Tom Carr and Richard Pearce founded Verto Homes in 2010 to change the way we live by changing the homes we live in. Verto Homes design, build and sell intelligent and sustainable Ze


South West England, UK


Coppergate is a full-service property investment and private equity business. We originate, structure, fund and manage property developments. Projects are structured in their own special purpose v


Richmond-upon-Thames, Richmond, UK

House Crowd Developments

House Crowd Developments is part of the multi-award winning House Crowd Group of companies. We specialise in building stylish, high-spec housing in the North West, and work with leading architects


Altrincham, UK


SWS Ltd.

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London, UK

Halcyon Developments

The Directors of Halcyon Development Group since 2003 have successfully handed over 3,000 overseas properties globally in its own developments. Halcyon is owned & operated by Robin Barrasford and


West Devon Business Park, Brook Lane, Tavistock PL19 9DP, UK

Empire Property Holdings

Empire Property Concepts was set up by Director, Paul Rothwell, in September 2009. Paul began his investment career at university completing his first property during his studies. Since 2003, Paul


United Kingdom



Experienced prime central London property development company started in 1995, incorporated in 2004


Chelsea, London, UK

Daylight Developments

Daylight Developments is an exciting young and dynamic property development company focusing on commercial to residential conversions. Daylight Developments is a joint venture between two experien


Southgates Road, Great Yarmouth NR30 3LL, United Kingdom

Henley Investment Management

Henley Investments operate an opportunistic real estate private equity platform focused on a range of sectors across the UK and Europe as well as the United States. We execute transactions on a


London, United Kingdom

Talo Homes

Talo Homes delivers high-quality, eco-friendly family homes across the South West of England. Created using thermally-efficient, Structural Insulated Panel homes supplied by the UK’s leading manu


Barnstaple, United Kingdom